Stellantis Shines Light on Continuous Education with First Global Student Awards Program
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Stellantis Shines Light on Continuous Education with First Global Student Awards Program

The Stellantis Student Awards closed its first global program recognising more than 600 children of Stellantis employees from five regions with a monetary award for their dedication to continuous learning and education.

The milestone was marked by the first global online ceremony on 2nd December, featuring Stellantis Chairman John Elkann and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Tavares.

The Student Awards is a great opportunity to honor the achievements of our bright students, who are supported by their families, and also to celebrate the first awards program as Stellantis,” said John Elkann, Stellantis Chairman. “As we are committed to building a responsible, diverse and innovative mobility tech company, we are very proud of this program, now its 26th year and involving 20 countries from all over the world.”

It is paramount for the planet and for the future to pass on to the next generation established carbon net zero companies with a clear purpose of benefiting all,” said Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO. “The Stellantis Student Awards creates this value for our young leaders. It fosters their curiosity and gives them the tools to contribute to a better future, while their parents and other Stellantis employees create services and products that will allow mobility freedom while respecting the environment.”

It was an honor to be connected to so many inspiring young leaders” said Xavier Chéreau, Stellantis Chief Human Resources and Transformation Officer. “Diversity and caring for the future go hand in hand and are foundational pillars within our Stellantis purpose and values. We achieve this synergy through programs like the Stellantis Student Awards, as emphasising the importance of continuous learning contributes to a sustainable future for everyone.”

•   Initiative contributes to a sustainable future, recognising more than 600 students of Stellantis employees from 20 countries with a monetary award 
•   Global online ceremony on 2nd December, featuring Stellantis Chairman John Elkann and Chief Executive Officer Carlos Tavares 
•   Once a historical regional program, the global collaborative has awarded more than 14,000 students during its 26-year history
•   Five regional recipients received the Sergio Marchionne Award of Excellence recognising them as visionary young leaders leveraging their education for a better world

Now in its 26th year, more than 14,000 students have been recognised as well-rounded individuals demonstrating focus beyond their studies and contributing to the overall good of their communities.

New to the program, one candidate per region was selected among the award recipients as winners of the Sergio Marchionne Award of Excellence representing courageous young leaders applying their knowledge and skills to better the wellbeing of others.

The Stellantis Student Awards was originally a regional program established in 1996 as the Fiat Scholarship Awards in Italy. In 2019, the awards program was renamed to the Sergio Marchionne Student Achievement Awards.

Now as a global awards program representing five regions and 20 countries, the Stellantis Student Awards embraces the same spirit contributing to a sustainable future for all.

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