About Us

ClubWorks Online is a resource website for those interested in finding out a bit more about owning, running and enjoying a vintage or classic vehicle.

The site was partly inspired by a April 2019 article by FIVA, the international federation of historic vehicles, which asks if enthusiasts will be allowed to drive classic cars in the future or even if there will be people able to drive them.

It is an interesting point as we move to electric vehicles, with future engineers being trained to design and maintain the new technology.

We will cover stories related to STEM, education, work experience, apprentices and recruitment, research and design, driving and motorsport, including the work that clubs and organisations are doing to encourage an interest in classic car ownership.

There are several clubs, organisations and initiatives around the world which are actively working on attracting young enthusiasts to the hobby, whether through driving experiences, classic car loan schemes and apprenticeships.

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“The future of historic vehicles isn’t simply that of used vehicles, but of recreation and pleasure; ownership isn’t based on economics but on passion.”

Patrick Rollet, Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA) President

“Clubs should make an effort to promote themselves because most are ‘competing’ with countless other organisations in their area for media and public attention and, not least, sponsorship. With changing leisure patterns and the emphasis on ‘quality time’, the competition for people’s leisure time gets greater, and our sport is not the only activity concerned about a dearth of young members”.

MSA Motor Club Manual, 1992, revised 2013, page 34