All vintage and classic vehicle clubs welcome members of all ages but there are several clubs and groups around the world which actively support younger enthusiasts. These can take the form of Young Members Groups within larger clubs, stand-alone clubs, meet-ups and online-only clubs such as Facebook Groups.

Contact the clubs and groups directly for more information on their activities and memberhip criteria.

Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club (JEC)
MG Car Club (MGCC)

Established in 2018, the MGCC Young Members Branch caters specifically to all the MG needs of those aged 30 and under. The Branch offers a number of benefits to the younger MG enthusiast.

Morris Minor Owners Club (MMOC)

The MMOC Young Members Register was formed so that younger members could be identified and to allow them to communicate with other young people that have an interest in Morris Minors.

Morris Minor Owners Club Young Members display at National Rally 2014