Hyundai supports Eco mobility education with Therfield school

Hyundai has worked closely with Therfield school on a project designed to engage students on the rapidly changing nature of mobility solutions, giving them a chance to have a voice and present innovative ideas for the future directly to automotive industry leaders.

The community outreach project supports Hyundai’s vision of Progress for Humanity, by directly engaging with the future generations it is working to support as it decarbonises road transport. Working closely with Therfield staff, Hyundai firstly visited the school to set the challenge to year 8 students, outlining the brand commitment to sustainable mobility solutions for the future, bringing this to life with the game changing IONIQ 5 that captured strong interest from the students on the day.

After allowing students two weeks to work on ideas collaboratively, three student groups visited Hyundai Motor UK late in February to present back concepts in a grueling boardroom environment with Senior leaders from across the business. The winning concept went to BIONIQ 1, where students presented a mass mobility solution that utilised both electrification and Hydrogen, aligning closely with Hyundai and its range. Students showed conceptual visuals, detailed its ability to fly and alleviate road congestion, whilst also covering plans around marketing and projected market costs.

On working with Hyundai Chris Eagle, Senior Careers Teacher from Therfield School, said: It’s been great to work with Hyundai, a brand that’s shown real interest and commitment in wanting to engage our students, the next generation who will demand the best mobility solutions. As a school we work hard to engage pupils in meaningful projects and this really has captured interest, allowing our Year 8 teams to build confidence in presenting, whilst also appreciating just how impressive the IONIQ 5 is as a car.

Ashley Andrew, Managing Director, Hyundai Motor UK, said: “Working within the local community is incredibly important to Hyundai, allowing us to engage the next generation at an early age and giving Therfield students this opportunity has highlighted the innovative ideas and important role they play. Hyundai has cemented itself as a pioneer in zero-emission mobility and it’s only right we wish to share our vision with those around us.”

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