Polaris expands its Youth line-up with the RZR 200 EFI

New for 2022, Polaris brings innovation and advancement to the youth side-by-side category with the introduction of the new RZR 200 EFI. Replacing the popular RZR 170, the new RZR 200 establishes a new standard for youth riding thanks to exclusive safety innovations, including speed limiting, geofencing and new Helmet Aware technology.

Aimed at riders aged 10 and up and designed to grow with young riders as they build more skill and confidence, the RZR 200 features a new 180cc engine with electronic fuel injection, delivering enough power to manage and overcome varying terrain without falling behind, as well as dual A-arm suspension on the front and independent rear suspension delivering seven inches of suspension travel and ten inches of ground clearance for a smooth ride.

Controlled via the Youth Ride Control App, the new Helmet Aware technology allows parents to pre-set the vehicle’s controls so that the vehicle won’t start when the helmet beacon is out of the vehicle gauge range, meaning that fun is always paired with a helmet. The RZR 200 EFI comes equipped with two youth helmets and an attachable Bluetooth beacon, and helmet detection can be enabled or disabled via the Youth Ride Control App. When no helmet is detected, users have the option to disable the start of the vehicle, limit the speed or display a warning to the rider.

In addition to Helmet Aware technology on the Youth Ride Control App, parents can also set the maximum speed of the vehicle to ensure children ride at the appropriate speed for their age, ability and terrain, as well as utilize geofencing technology to keep the vehicle within set riding boundaries and speed limits within set areas.

Children can share the fun with the passenger seating inside the RZR 200 EFI, and there are hard doors fitted as standard to keep the kids in, whilst everything else remains outside. The RZR 200 also features a high-visibility flag and LED headlights and tail lights for improved rider visibility in low-light conditions. Kids can also make the RZR their own with a full range of accessories available, including vehicle protection like front and rear bumpers, rock sliders and cab options like a windshield and roof, plus wheel and tyre options.

The rest of the Youth line-up also receives all-new upgrades and improvements. The Ranger 150 features quality and user safety upgrades including the new Helmet Aware technology, and the Outlaw 70 EFI has reduced throttle effort, an improved turning radius and an added battery charging port.

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